Your Hot Water Problems End Here

Your Hot Water Problems End Here

Install a water heater that meets the needs of your home

Do you have a habit of using all the hot water in your tank? The problem may not lie with your routine, but with the capacity of your water heater. Living Water Plumbing, LLC can install a new, more efficient hot water heater in your home. We can install a replacement tank heater with the capacity to heat large amounts of water, or a tankless heater that heats water on demand. Choose the one that's right for you, and we'll install it.

Contact us at 307-315-5663 to install or replace a water heater in your home.

3 signs of an inefficient water heater

Is your water heater working like it should? Here are a few indications that it may be functioning incorrectly:

  1. Your energy bills are steadily rising
  2. Your water heater does not produce all the hot water you need
  3. Your water heater takes a long time to heat water

You can count on Living Water Plumbing to find solutions to your water heater issues.